Ahh…wearing jeans outside without melting into a puddle…enjoying a hand-mixed beverage while watching the kiddos have some good, old-fashioned fun outside…anticipating the parade of fall holidays…the gradual change of seasons always serves as a time of refreshment and renewal for me.  I love the slow transition into more pleasant weather in the Houston area, beckoning me outdoors to revel in the breeze and the slanting rays as the earth makes is slow rotation away from the sun. It reminds me that as we say goodbye to one season and enter another, we do the same thing in our lives.  Our kids are in 5th and 2nd grade this year, and it just doesn’t seem possible that my baby now wants clothes, shoes, and PIERCED EARS for her birthday instead of toys (?!?!?!).

Fall Mini Sessions Houston

That’s why I’m so grateful to have a vault of photographs to help me remember our family’s heritage and history.  From the annual first-day-of-school snapshots to capturing new experiences like gymnastics meets and rock concerts, it’s all documented and, this fall, will be safely printed for our enjoyment and safekeeping (I’ll post an update to keep me accountable!).

How about you?  Is it time for your family to enjoy one another, laughing and playing and connecting, while creating beautiful photographic memories at the same time?  Is it time to let go of whatever may have kept you from having family pictures done?  Or maybe time just seems to slip by every year and it just doesn’t get done.

Let’s make this YOUR year.  I’ll help you each step of the way.  Whether you want a full session, a fall Petite session, or a Christmas tree farm session (!), let’s put together something fabulous that’s a perfect fit for your family.   See more details about each option below…



With up to 1.5 hours of shooting time, and your choice of date and location, full sessions are customized JUST for you.  We have plenty of time to take breaks, have snacks, and enjoy some special Mom/Dad/kid time (whether those kids are 2 or 20).  Great for families who haven’t had a session in a long time.  Session fee is $195 plus tax and you choose and purchase your wall art, images boxes or albums during an in-person ordering session with 35-40 printed proofs  to choose from.  BOOK YOUR FULL SESSION NOW.

Houston TX family pictures



Petite sessions are perfect for an annual update when you need a shorter time frame and fewer images.  Petite sessions include 20 minutes of shooting time, an online gallery of up to 15 images, and an adorable wood ornament frame with an Artist’s Choice image inside.  Session fee is $75 plus tax, and products and purchases are chosen and purchased after the session through your online gallery.  *Smaller packages are available for Petite Sessions, making them a great choice for families who want to make a smaller investment.  A la carte prints start at $65 and packages start at $197.  All sessions are held from 4:30-6:30 pm; only five spots are available each day.  BOOK YOUR PETITE SESSION NOW

Friday’s location (10/14):  downtown Tomball

Saturday’s location (10/15):  private farm in Cypress with open fields, woods, a pond and dock

Sunday’s location (10/15):  near downtown Houston


Amanda Faucett Photography



Perfect for holiday cards, a session at a family-owned Christmas tree farm will give you seasonal artwork for your home that will be treasured for years.  Imagine a canvas that perfectly captures your kids and your family, right where you are, that can grace your home for holiday seasons to come. Format and cost is the same as the Petite Sessions.  Nov. 13 only, from 1-5 pm.  Only eight appointments are available.


Amanda Faucett Photography

Sep 16, 2016

It happens every year…”Help – we had our family photos done and I’m not happy!”

Often, I get these calls from well-meaning moms who were trying to stretch the family budget by saving money on a novice or just-starting-out photographer. I’ve been there – I get it. And with the economy contracting, everyone is doing what they can to save. Unfortunately, the old axiom “you get what you pay for” is often true, especially in the field of photography.

Sometimes, paying less for something that’s “just OK” is fine. Like laundry soap. Or a generic brand of shampoo.  Or whatever it is you don’t care about TOO much.

But when it comes to your family, the memories you make together, and the art you hang on your walls…do you want “just OK”? Or do you want to LOVE what you see every day?  Do you want your heart to swell every time you walk by that canvas, delighting in your child’s perfectly captured expression that just oozes personality?  Um, yeah!  Save me a spot NOW!

Cypress TX Family Photography

I’ve been told time and again that the real expressions, the interactions between family members, and making sure that Mom always looks GREAT are what make my images stand out…and it’s worth paying for.  Heck yes, save me a spot now!

Amanda Faucett Photography

If you’re ready to break up with bad family photos and have a photography experience that will not only result in gorgeous artwork for your home but will actually be an enjoyable family evening (yes! It’s true!), jump on over to the calendar to schedule your fall date. (But hurry – I only have THREE weekend spots left in October!)

Amanda Faucett Photography

Check out my slideshow of gorgeous, artisan products to see what’s best for your home.  BOOK NOW or contact me to find out more.

Jun 14, 2012

I can only imagine how interesting life must be with a college student, middle schooler, and elementary school child.  Their session gave me a hint, though.  Big sister survived little brother kicking dirt into her sandals.  Little brother started the tree-posing craze (that ended up with some great images, I must say).  And little sister perhaps captured the “shot of the day” when she clamped her hand down over Dad’s mouth!  (I believe at that time he was reminding me how hungry he was, hahaha!)  Despite (or perhaps because of) their fiesty-ness, they had a fantastic proofing gallery to choose from.


And now for my favorite…(this also happens to be the portrait they chose to hang over the fireplace).


Jan 02, 2012

Today, you are six.

You, the one who made me a mother.

You, the one who turned life as we knew it upside down and inside out.

You, the one who sat up, pulled up, and took your first steps, all between 7 and 8 months – and haven’t slowed down since.

You, who knows just which buttons to push – and have finally figured out how to use your charm to try to get yourself out of trouble. (By the way, your sister figured that out well before she was 2.)

You, who have never met a stranger and who impresses everyone you meet with your extensive vocabulary and wise-beyond-your-years comments.

You, who loves Star Wars, Transformers, anything with wheels or wings, Wii, and playing outside – but will still sit next to your little sister on the couch and watch Dora with her.

You, who are grumpy as anything when you get off the bus after school because you ate lunch at 11 a.m. (yep, you got that from me).

You, who asks more questions than I can answer.

You, who looks just like me on the outside but who is just like your father on the inside.

You, who are persistent as anything – except when it comes to reading.  🙂

You, who after your grandfather’s funeral a couple of months ago, wrote a book (in your own way, of course) about what you had experienced over those few days.  You titled it Cold Winter Book.

You, who melts my heart on a daily basis.

Today, you are six – and I could not be more grateful for you, my first baby, my world.  I love you.