Sep 19, 2014

Once you have your favorite images picked out, what can you do to create a visually pleasing arrangement on your walls? Of course, my favorite way is through a gorgeous wall gallery display:

Wall Gallery Amanda Faucett Photography

A wall gallery makes an incredible statement piece over the fireplace.


If you’re looking for other ideas, here are a few quick tips to help you make the most out of your space.

  1. Hang images in small groups rather than spreading them out. If you have a large wall and just a few pictures, the space will look much better if you group the images together. It gives the illusion of one large piece and keeps the focal point together instead of scattered.
  2. The center point should be at eye level. When you are hanging a group of images and art together, the center piece should be hung at the level of one’s eye as you are standing and looking at it. The other pieces can be grouped around this central piece.
  3. Have one thing in common. It adds interest if there is one element that ties all of the images together. This could be the frame color, or that the images are all in black and white, or maybe all of the images are of baby faces. Having a common theme gives your display a sense of cohesion.
  4. Use a shelf and lean the images against the wall. It’s a great way to display images in a fresh and unfussy way.  You can also add a little candle or plant to warm up the entire wall display. Frames can even be hung just inches above the shelf while using the shelf for smaller frames or interesting art pieces.
  5. Hang big images where they will be seen from across a room and small images on a wall where people often stand. Think of the person viewing the image. If the wall is a narrow hallway that you within a foot or two of the images, it would be very hard to view a 48 inch canvas. Hang that picture on a wall across the room where it is easier to view from a distance and keep smaller pictures on the hallway wall.
  6. Create a frame outside a frame.   Try hanging four square images in a square pattern so that the entire feature appears to be one large frame. You can do this with any number of images, and you may want to lay them all out on the floor before hanging them on the wall.

Have fun playing with your images!  I am always available for in-home consultations on creating the wall gallery of your dreams!


Sep 19, 2014

Do you ever take a shot and wonder why the entire picture looks like it was pulled out of an old photo box because of the red tint to it? This can happen when you are shooting indoors, in low light, or when your camera settings aren’t adjusted correctly.

Or sometimes, if you’re shooting outside in the shade, skin can take on a bluish cast.  No one wants to look like a Smurf!  What’s going on here?

To fix this error and get correct coloring on your images, change your camera’s setting for white balance. The white balance setting is one of the only settings on your camera that adjusts color, not exposure. You can change the setting to match the type of lighting in which you are currently shooting. If you are photographing in a school auditorium, try adjusting the white balance to the icon that looks like a fluorescent light bulb. If you are shooting outside on a cloudy day, change your setting to the cloud icon.   (Sometimes the cloudy setting can be a little TOO warm for me, so occasionally use the Daylight setting on cloudy days.)  Making these changes helps display more accurate color in your images.

If you have a simple camera that doesn’t offer these setting changes, then you may want to consider shooting in black and white, or editing the image after it’s taken to a black and white image. That way you can still capture the memory, and not be frustrated with the color tint!

Just to give you an idea of the power of white balance, take a peek at this sample.  No editing was done (although it needs more polish for a professional image, that’s not the point of this example!).  This example is simply to show you the difference that changing your white balance preset on your camera can make.



White balance can also be used for dramatic color effects.  Try using the tungsten setting at dusk to really deepen the blue of the sky (but everything else will turn blue, too!).  Play around with your white balance camera presets and you just may come up with a new look you love!


Amanda is a portrait photographer based in Houston, TX and serves all surrounding areas.  Amanda is also available for travel and one-on-one camera training.

Sep 18, 2014

Kickoff has begun!  Lest you think I’m referring to college football (yes I know we are in Texas, hahaha), I actually mean the kickoff of the fall photo season, or what I like to call “The Three Months of No Sleep”.  (Just kidding – kind of.)  September – December is prime family portrait time – the weather is cooling off, the kiddos are in a new school year, and chances are you’d like to have an updated family shot for your holiday card.

Fall is also the season when some photographers offer “mini sessions” or as I’m calling them, “Petite Sessions”.  So what’s the difference between a Petite Session and a Classic Session?  When would you need one vs. the other?  Here are a few FAQs to help you decide which session is right for you.

1.  What is the difference between a Classic and Petite Session?  A few things…

  • A Petite Session is shorter (25 minutes vs. up to 90 minutes for a Classic) and results in fewer proofs (up to 15, vs. up to 40 for a full session).  More time in a Classic Session means a relaxed experience and extra time for the kiddos time to relax and settle.
  • A Classic Session is completely customized for your family and preferences.  From the date and location to the session theme, we’ll plan all aspects of the session together to create an experience that truly represents YOUR family.  A Petite Session takes place at a predetermined date, time and location to allow for several families to be photographed on the same day.
  • Since there are efficiencies in photographing families together, Petite Sessions are offered at a special, flat-rate price.  Petite Sessions include only digital files, while my signature Classic Sessions include both gorgeous, heirloom-quality portrait products AND digital files with a print release.

2.  How do I know if I need a Petite or Classic Session?

A Classic Session might be best for you if:

  • It’s been more than a year since your last photo session
  • You think your children will be better suited to a longer session time, allowing for clothing changes if desired, breaks for snacks or (possibly) meltdown recovery
  • An in-home consultation to plan your wardrobe or create wall displays specifically for your available wall space would be helpful for you (it’s included!)
  • You would like to spiffy up your walls with a statement canvas art piece or striking wall gallery of your favorite images from the session
  • You have more than 5 people in your family or you have an extended family group
  • You have a specific location in mind for your session
  • You like the idea of an in-person ordering session with printed proofs to make your choices

A Petite Session might be best for you if:

  • You’ve had a photo shoot within the last year
  • You have five or less people in your family
  • The location isn’t terribly important to you as long as the photos are amazing (they will be!)
  • You’re really just looking for a few shots for your holiday card

3.  If I have a Petite Session but would like to purchase some of your printed products, is that an option?  Of course!  In fact, if you choose to upgrade to a wall gallery, image box or album, you’ll even get a portion of your Petite Session fee credited to your order!


Regardless of which session you choose, you can be assured of beautifully crafted images that will make your heart happy.  Use the contact button below to book YOUR Classic or Petite Session today!



Sep 11, 2014

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

– Andy Roony


The muddy paw prints can drive me crazy.  The hair seems like a snowstorm during shedding season (which in our house, seems to be year-round).  The occasional potty accident from a senior dog can be an inconvenience.  But when I’ve been gone all day, my dogs are always the first to the door, tails wagging and happy to see me…and have been for the last 13 years.


I’ve had a dog (or two) in my house as long as I’ve been alive.  And if you’re like me, you may know of other pet-owning friends whose furry family members get the best of everything – food, treats, shampoo.  So when EarthWise Pet Supply opened up just around the corner from me, I was delighted to have a local, woman-owned business to support that carries products I feel good about giving to my dogs.  In a moment of inspiration, I spoke with the owner about creating images of their customers to decorate the store, and we were off and running!  With three days of mini photo shoots, both at my studio and at Happy Dogs Day Care and Inn‘s beautiful outdoor location, there are loads of images to ramp up the “woof! woof!” factor in the store.


EarthWise carries foods that have all human-quality ingredients and are manufactured fresh-to-order, so they are not sitting in a warehouse for months.  EarthWise also offers grooming service and a self-wash station that’s great for both large and small pets.  When you run out of dog or cat food, or needs anything else pet-related, head on over to EarthWise Pet Supply at 22454 Tomball Pkwy., 77070.  You may see one of these adorable faces on the walls!


Want to schedule a shoot for YOUR furry family member?  Just use the “contact” button below the post and let’s set up YOUR pet photography session!


PS – take a peek at the video for even more photos from the shoots!

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Galveston TX beach photography