Some of you know that my annual weekend of Sand & Sea Limited Edition beach photography sessions in Galveston happens in…SEPTEMBER.  I know, I know…school has started and we are all looking ahead to that first cold snap and all the fun & excitement of the upcoming fall holidays.  So WHY do I go to the beach in September?  My top 3 reasons:

1.  It’s not crowded.  The vacationers are back home and we’ll have the beach (mostly) to ourselves.  The only photobombers will be seagulls and, if we’re lucky, a jumping fish!


Galveston, TX beach photography



2.  The seaweed is (usually) gone.  This has been a record year for seaweed in Galveston, so I can’t make promises that it will be COMPLETELY gone…but seaweed is always highest in the spring and early-to-mid summer.  The beaches will definitely be cleaner than earlier in the year!


3.  It’s not so miserably hot.  You’ll be able to play for a bit without immediately wanting to immerse yourself into a pool of ice water.


There you have it.  To book one of these sessions (Sept. 19-21), see my 2014 Sand & Sea Magazine for packages and booking details.  See you at the beach!



Aug 08, 2014

August in Houston…some might say it’s a bit warm outside.  (Others will be truthful and say it’s as scorching as an insulated room filled with 100 ovens baking cupcakes.)  But with these last weeks of summery weather also comes in-CREDIBLE light.  I give you Exhibit A, from last night’s family session:


August 2014


I’d like to make our sweltering August just a bit more bearable for you…so here’s the What’s Hot in August special:


Schedule your Classic or Storybook session in August and receive a free pack of custom-designed holiday cards ($75 value).  (Don’t know the difference between a Classic and Storybook session?  Check out my Family & Kids Portrait Magazine to find out which session type is right for you.) These are not your run-of-the-mill cards.  The design and colors are chosen especially for your family’s aesthetic and  images from your session, and the paper stock is thick, creamy and oh-so-luxurious.


Christmas card sample


Christmas card sample 2


AND, when your order totals $950 or more (pre-tax), you’ll also get a FREE 4×8 accordion book ($149 value) featuring an assortment of images from your session.  (It makes a great stocking stuffer for grandparents.)




Pretty sweet deal, right?  But if that’s not enough, the first three people to book their August sessions will also receive a $100 studio credit toward your order.  That’s your reward for reading all the way to the end.    So use that contact button just below and let’s get your session on the calendar!

Aug 06, 2014

Who needs perfect photos?  BOR-ing!  Why not spice it up with some awkward background elements or bad lighting?  Read on for the BEST ways to ruin your photographs!

1 – Make sure you have photo bombers in your photograph.

When you’re at a huge milestone event (such as high school graduation), get in the perfect position to grab a snap of the grad, and wait for a teenage boy to jump into the background as you press the shutter release.  Photo bombers are the BEST!

2 – Put your subject right in front of a tree.

Trees are a great addition to any photo, depending on where they are placed in the composition.  If you want the worst tree photo possible, put your subject directly in front of the tree.  Who doesn’t love a big trunk coming out of her head?

3 – Find the most cluttered background possible.

You need to update your profile picture and happen to be in a public bathroom fixing your hair.  You snap your own “selfie” and love the photo!  And bathroom hand dryer and feminine napkin dispenser TOTALLY make the image.  Award winner right there!

4 – Shoot from low angles.

Everyone LOVES a double chin, and the perfect way to guarantee you’ll highlight (or create) a double chin every time?  Shoot from low angles!  Crouch right down to the ground and shoot up toward your subject.  You’ll also put even more emphasis on everything from the waist down when you shoot low.  Awesome!

5 – Have everyone look toward the sun while you shoot.

Squinting and harsh shadows?  Yes, please!  (It’s total the look right now.)  Everyone loves staring straight into the sun when they’re trying to smile for a photo.  While a shady spot with a big patch of sky showing creates beautiful, even light on the face and is much more comfortable for the subject, who cares?!  Go for the drama and shoot in full sun, in the middle of the day!

6 – Jiggle the camera while you’re shooting.

Don’t you just love blurry photos?  You can guarantee that special “artistic” effect by jiggling and shaking the camera when you release the shutter.  Who needs to see their subject actually in focus!  Rock the blur, and for heaven’s sake, don’t try to hold the camera still while shooting!

7 – Go dark.

When you shoot in a low light situation and you’re not using a flash, your shutter speed will slow way down in order to get enough light on the subject.  That slow shutter speed can also almost guarantee blurry photos – yay!  More artistic effects!  Choosing a well-lit area instead and actually having a crisp photo?  That’s so last year.


(Since you’re a smart reader, I’m sure you’ve already figured out that this whole post is satire.  I’ll soon be starting a blog series on improving your everyday snapshots, so be on the lookout!)  If you’re a regular reader or Facebook page stalker, you know that it’s rare for me to post without images – and although I’ve made EVERY.ONE. of the above mistakes, I didn’t think my clients would appreciate me sharing those.  🙂


Already thinking about your fall family portraits?  Good for you!  Use those buttons right down there to get in touch with me.  I have a rockin’ special for August 2014 sessions!