Apr 10, 2014

There are times when every photographer needs a project just for herself.  At just the time I was thinking that I needed a new project, the opportunity to join a great group of ladies in a blog circle presented itself and I jumped in with much excitement!  We agreed on the theme “Keepin’ It Real”, and here goes Month 1!  Be sure to click through to the next entry; link is at the bottom.

Growing up, going to camp was the highlight of my summer.  A week with friends, sleeping on the top bunk, whispering after the lights went out, sneaking out to play pranks on the boys, swimming in the sparkling pool, hitting the bullseye at the archery range, twisting countless friendship bracelets at arts & crafts, struggling to keep the canoe upright on the lake, roasting marshmallows under the endless Texas sky to create the perfectly gooey s’more…it was the stuff of life that every child should have the opportunity to experience.  But the best part about camp was that I felt completely comfortable just being myself – being real.  With no blow dryers, makeup, or fashionable clothing to hide behind, we were all able to concentrate on the really important things, like trying to impress the cute boy in Cabin 5.

I still love to go to camp. Although now I pack a blow dryer, once I get there I find myself never using it, and the makeup usually stays in the suitcase.  Most recently, I had a chance to visit camp this past weekend to teach a photography retreat for people who wanted to create better photographs and also learn how to get off the auto camera settings.  I love teaching photography, and I also love the chance to get out and photograph subjects that I don’t normally take the time to study.  So while my husband got to take care of “real life” back at home – juggling t-ball and flag football games, fixing a broken sprinkler head, feeding the kids (that alone is a full-time job, ha!), I got a little refresher of what it was like to “be real” at camp.  Enjoy a few of the images, featuring the jewels of a Texas spring, the prized bluebonnets.

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