May 12, 2013

A boy and a girl

My perfect duo

Best of both worlds

Racecars, superheros, fire trucks, vehicles of any kind, football, music, Wii, daredevil stunts, water, sticks, always on the go

Princesses, Barbies, baby dolls, PINK, tutus, coloring, more pink, tons of snuggles, butterfly kisses, yet more pink

Each yet so different, yet both MINE

He is his daddy’s son, in so many ways

She is a carbon copy of me, in so many ways

He made me a mommy, and she completed our family

Thank you God for giving me these two to love, to teach, to learn from, to mother.


Houston TX children's photographer

PS a special thanks to my hubby for snapping these sweet shots.  Our second annual Mother’s Day mini shoot, lasting all of 5 minutes.  🙂