Apr 29, 2012

Oh, this session was so much fun.  I pulled out nearly every baby trick up my sleeve after a slightly grumpy start, but man did she bring out the giggles and laughs! Narrowing down the choices for mom and dad was pure torture.  And I  must say that the best compliment I can receive is to be invited back by a family to create more images for them (check out her newborn session).


Pssstt…if you are wanting to create your own swoon-worthy set of family (or baby, or kid) images and want to beat the summer heat, I only have three more openings available in May, and the summer months are booking up fast.  So click that “Contact” button down there below the comments to give me a shout before these spots are gone!  And May bookings will get a special preview of my new kind of session – but that’s all I’m going to say about that.  🙂

Apr 17, 2012

I really thought I was content

counting sheep and staring at the ceiling

you came and showed me what it meant

that home is not a house but a feeling.

‘Cause when you’re around

you make me feel so cozy.

Home is where you are,

home is where I want to be.

Wherever you are,

you can come home to me.

Home  by Nadia Fey (go have a listen, it’s a great little song)

Photographing a former photography studio owner’s family…yeah, just a little intimidating!  So I was extra excited to be selected to create this family’s first real portraits together. They were up for anything and I really enjoyed our afternoon in downtown Tomball, capturing a variety of more carefully arranged portraits as well as some fun candids.

If you’d like to freeze your own family’s moments of playing, tickling, group hugging, laughing, and having a blast in general, you will want to sign up for Quick Clicks, my fantabulous email delights delivered right to your inbox, ‘cuz there will be a big announcement soon about a new kind of session I’ll be offering – and if you hate having to pick and choose which images to keep and which ones to leave behind, you’re going to love this!

Apr 03, 2012

One of the photography sites I follow, I Heart Faces, does a monthly photo challenge and this is the first one I’m participating in.  Since the theme is “Happiness”, I knew right away which image I wanted to submit – I just took it this past weekend and I can’t help but smile every time I look at it.  It makes my heart happy to capture a moment that not only records what a couple looked like at a particular moment in time, but that also gives you, the viewer, a peek into their relationship.  There are few things in life more thrilling than being on the cusp of a new life journey, and preparing to join your life with another through marriage is, of course, a huge life journey – full of anticipation, perhaps a few nerves, and whole lot of happiness.  So congratulations, Pastor David and soon-to-be Pastor Megan!

PS  – the winner of this month’s challenge gets a Canon Rebel T3 camera kit – and since my first little Rebel was either lost or stolen (don’t ask), I’d love to have another one for my personal photo taking, especially when I don’t want to haul “The Beast” around on a simple outing.  🙂


Photo Challenge Submission