#YouBeYou FAQs

What should I wear? Basically, whatever makes you feel GREAT. I'll send you an email with all the details you need to prepare for your shoot, along with Pinterest wardrobe inspiration ideas. You can also scroll through my Facebook page for more ideas.

How many outfits should I bring? Bring a few, but not your whole closet. We will have time to photograph two outfits.

Will my shoes/feet show? Not unless you have a special pair of shoes you want to show off. I typically do not photograph full-length poses. The only exception is if you are seated with your feet tucked under you or close to your body, and those are bare feet shots.

Will you retouch the photos? Your proofing gallery will contain color corrected photos but will not be fully retouched. Any images you purchase will be fully retouched, but if you have your hair and makeup done, you won't need much!

How do I book my hair and makeup appointment? If you schedule an appointment with hair and makeup, you don't need to do a thing! I'll make the appointment for you. Hair and makeup runs between $135-$150 per person, depending on which artist is available. Most of my appointments will be $135. That fee is paid directly to the stylists on the day of your shoot.

What artwork products are available for purchase? You'll have the option to purchase framed prints, wall canvases, image boxes, albums and digital files. Low-resolution files suitable for sharing on social media are included for every image you order in print. Most women will likely want their full gallery of images, which is included with an album or image box purchase.

What's the cost for art products? A la carte prints are available from $69, and print packages begin at $299. See full prices in the links below.

Price list - 24 hour sale (after gallery opens)

Price list - regular

How many proofs will I receive? This is "mini session" (my usual women's portraiture sessions are at least 1.5 hours), so you'll receive 15-20 images (rather than a full gallery of 35-40 images that my full sessions receive). We will schedule your viewing and ordering appointment on the day of your session.

What if I want a longer session or more proofs? You can book a full session! Full sessions offer you even more luxurious products to choose from. Products and pricing can be found in my Studio Lookbook. The session fee for a full session is $195 plus tax, and all products are purchased separately. Please inquire for availability.

What if I don't like my photos?
It's my goal to take the best photo you've ever had of yourself, so I hope this won't be a problem for anyone! However, I always want my clients to go into a shoot with full confidence, so if you don't love your photos, you don't purchase any - simple as that. There is no minimum required purchase.

I'M READY! How do I sign up?

BOOK NOW - WITH hair and makeup